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Presentation Guidelines


The poster must be printed, in an upright position, and must have a string. For presentation, panels will be available to hang the poster. 

Posters must be hung according to the presentation number available below. The poster measures will be 80 cm wide by 100 cm high.

The presence of the author, previously identified as the presenter, at the time of the poster presentation, will be mandatory; first author name should be underlined;

The poster must be displayed on the day, time, and place indicated by the Organizing Committee, according to the presentation schedule.

The poster should have information related to your research as follows: Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, and other information that the authors deem necessary (these are general guidelines and not rules); figures and tables must be cited in the poster text, and it is suggested that they occupy a maximum of 50% of the poster area. They must have a caption; the funding sources can be mentioned in the lower right corner. 

Download the template here!

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